Working to End the Epidemic of Domestic & Interpersonal Violence Through Education and Awareness.



Standing Courageous is a nonprofit organization focused on providing education and awareness training to Police, Fire, EMS, Healthcare Workers, Court Personnel, Businesses, Schools, Places of Worship, and the community about their role in responding to domestic and interpersonal violence, associated lethality factors such as strangulation, and the impact such violence has on our lives.

Our mission is simple: to support victims and survivors of interpersonal violence, victim services, and promote  safer communities through this educational outreach, because we believe that every person living in our communities deserve to live their lives free of violence.

Violence impacts all of us. Domestic violence and strangulation have been found to be precursors to murder.  More than 50% of all mass killers have a history of domestic violence.  Standing Courageous is committed to providing the education and training that will help make our communities a safer and healthier place to live.

Our team strives to extend our training to new audiences to build awareness. Programs can be altered for specific audiences and various lengths.  In addition to First Responders, Healthcare Workers, and Court Personnel, Standing Courageous has provided training to Church groups, Block Watch organizations, Businesses, and Educational leaders.  We are proud to say that since 2015, we have trained nearly 1,000 people.

Will you STAND COURAGEOUS with us?

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