Standing Courageous Founder and President, Paula Walters has attended trainings and conferences hosted by the Alliance for HOPE International and the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention both in San Diego, California.  She also sent Detective Todd Curtis to attend the Advance Strangulation Training.  Together, they have taken their training, education, expertise, and professional/personal experiences together for some amazing education and awareness opportunities for Northwest Ohio.

Paula is passionate about bringing the awareness of strangulation to area First Responders and medical staff as she knows all too well the dangers of strangulation and its potential lifelong consequences.  Paula has been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury from her abuse and suffers life changing consequences.  Paula has made it her Mission to help educate the Northwest Ohio staff members that may routinely interact with victims so they can be better informed about the potential hidden consequences.


Here are some quotes from the administrative staff of the Alliance for HOPE International and Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention:

  • The most dangerous domestic violence offenders strangle their victims. The most violent rapists strangle their victims. We used to think all abusers were equal. They are not. Our research has now made clear that when a man puts his hands around a woman, he has just raised his hand and said, “I’m a killer.” They are more likely to kill police officers, to kill children, and to later kill their partners. So, when you hear “He choked me”, now we know you are the edge of a homicide.” – Casey Gwinn, Esq., President of Alliance for HOPE International and Co-Director of Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention
  • “Our study proved it – most victims of strangulation will not have visible external injuries. The lack of visible injuries and the lack of training caused the criminal justice system to minimize strangulation. We failed victims. But now we know – strangulation has serious, immediate and long-term health consequences. We are forever grateful to Dr. Dean Hawley for educating us about the significance of the signs and symptoms of internal injuries. One of the first things he taught me, that I will never forget, is the best way to document a strangulation case is an autopsy. Now, his work as a pathologist is saving lives.” – Gael Strack, Esq




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