Program Support

Program Support

There are several ways to support Standing Courageous and the work we do. We have routine training programs that will be hosted at our office as well as other locations. We train nurses, law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and other first responder and medical staff personnel.

There trainings we offer vary in times up to 4 hours. We offer snacks and water to attendees. We try to offer small brown bag lunches when our trainings are 3-4 hours in length. If you are an individual or group who would like to donate to our programs by making brown bag lunches for one of our trainings, please contact us at training@standingcourageous.comĀ 

Here is a list of items we use routinely for our programs. We appreciate any donations of these any of these items in any quantity. Thank you for your support.

Survivor Kits Items:

Rubber Bands
Paper Clips
Binder Clips
Thumb Tacks
Individual packs of Gum
Highlighters (any color)
Candy (any kind of individual wrapped candy)
Peanuts (individual packs)

Training Programs Items:

Paper Plates
Cups (for coffee and drinks)
Disposable silverware
Chips (individual or large bags)
Pretzels (individual or large bags)
Peanuts (individual or large bags)
Granola Bars
Snack Bars
Coffee (for coffee maker)
Coffee Filters (standard size)
Bottles of water
Cans or Bottles of juices or soft drinks
Boxes of pens or pencils
Packs of colored index cards

Large Wish List Items:

Large coffee maker
Keurig machine