About Us

Founded by Paula Walters on October 1, 2015Standing Courageous, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to making our community a safer place to live, work, and worship.  We believe that we have the right to a community that is violence-free.  We strive to achieve this by supporting victim services, victims, and survivors of domestic and interpersonal violence by providing awareness and education to healthcare workers, first responders, court personnel, church leadership, schools, businesses, and community members.

Standing Courageous is also committed to supporting survivors of child abuse, domestic and interpersonal violence, and sexual assault so that they might find justice, healing, and empowerment. 

We also work to provide community members with local resources so they might be able to better help victims or utilize the resources themselves should they ever need them. Check http://cm4Rums.com 

Standing Courageous is passionate about educating communities so that we might be part of creating social change.  We are focused on presenting communities with ways to provide safe interruption and interventions of crime.

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